It Doesn’t Sound Like Tom Brady Thinks Rob Gronkowski Is Going To Return At Any Point Soon

tom brady rob gronkowski return rumors

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It’s been a while since we discovered Rob Gronkowski was retiring from the NFL after making quite a name for himself during his nine seasons with the Patriots, and given what we’ve learned since then about the injuries he was dealing with, it seemed like he made the right call.

However, there are plenty of people out there who aren’t convinced Gronk is actually done playing football, and in recent weeks, the likes of Jason Witten and one of the tight end’s former teammates have gone on record as saying they think there’s a chance he’ll end up making a comeback.

Gronkowski has repeatedly shot down the rumors concerning a potential return but has continued to tease us by working out with Tom Brady, who was recently asked about the situation when he chatted with Jim Gray on Thursday.

According to NESN, it would appear the quarterback isn’t counting on Gronkowski returning to the Patriots at any point in the near future, saying:

“He’s spoken on that quite a few times. I think he’s very happy with how things are going in his life, and I think we’re going with the guys that we’ve got.

That’s what we’re planning on, and that’s all we can ever do. It’s always his choice, and he’s a young guy, but that’s certainly not any of my thinking at this point.”

Earlier this week, Gronk jokingly suggested the only way he’d come out of retirement is if Brady gives him a foot rub, but when you consider New England only has two tight ends on its roster, you never know what’ll happen if they end up finding themselves in a sticky situation—especially when you consider the former star says he’d only need a month to gear up for a comeback.