Kylie Jenner Tops Forbes’ 100 Highest Paid Celebrities List For 2020 And It’s Not Even Close

Kylie Jenner Tops Forbes Highest Paid Celebrities List For 2020

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If before seeing this I had asked you who you thought was the highest paid celebrity in 2020 would you have guessed Kylie Jenner? I know I wouldn’t have.

Instead, I might have guessed someone like Kanye West​ or Cristiano Ronaldo or even Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

I wouldn’t have been too far off either as all three of those people were ranked in the top 10.

But nope, it’s Kylie Jenner on top of Forbes’ list at an astounding $590 MILLION.

• The reality TV star sold 51% of Kylie Cosmetics to publicly traded Coty, Inc. in January 2019 for $600 million; she pocketed $540 million, pretax.

• Documents later showed the business was much smaller than the family claimed for years, leading her to lose her billionaire title.

• Kylie Cosmetics, which had 2019 revenue of $200 million, was built on the back of a social media following that reaches more than 175 million people.

• Jenner used $250,000 of her earnings from modeling to pay an outside company for her first 15,000 lip kits, which sold out in minutes in 2015.

• One of the family stars on “Keeping Up With the Kardashians,” Jenner remains in charge of creative efforts and marketing for Kylie Cosmetics.


The rest of the top 10 highest paid celebrities for 2020 include…

2. Kanye West – $170 million
3. Roger Federer – $106.3 million
4. Christiano Ronaldo – $105 million
5. Lionel Messi – $104 million
6. Tyler Perry – $97 million
7. Neymar – $95.5 million
8. Howard Stern – $90 million
9. LeBron James – $88.2 million
10. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson – $87.5 million

It’s not even close! Kylie Jenner made just $2.3 million less than the rest of the top five combined: $582.3 million.

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All in all, the 100 highest paid celebrities in 2020 earned a combined $6.1 billion before taxes and fees, reports Forbes.

Other notable stars who made the list in 2020 include…

• Bill Simmons (No. 13, $82.5 million)
• Steph Curry (No. 16, $74.4 million)
• Ryan Reynolds (No. 18, $71.5 million)
• Taylor Swift (No. 25, $63.5 million)
• Kirk Cousins (No. 27, $60.5 million)
• Carson Wentz (No. 31, $51.9 million)
• Jared Goff (No. 16, $74.4 million)
• Kim Kardashian (No. 48, $49.5 million)
• Jerry Seinfeld (No. 46, $51 million)
• Lin-Manuel Miranda (No. 62, $45.5 million)
• Will Smith (No. 69, $44.5 million)
• Adam Sandler (No. 75, $41 million)
• Lady Gaga (No. 87, $38 million)
• Naomi Osaka (No. 90, $37 million)
• Canelo Alvarez (No. 91, $37 million)

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Check out the complete Forbes’ 100 highest paid celebrities for 2020 here.

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