50 Cent Says Cancel Culture’s Biggest Target Is Heterosexual Men; Let’s See How That Went For Him

50 Cent Says Cancel Cultures Biggest Target Is Heterosexual Men

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Cancel culture has been running rampant of late and people from comedian Bill Burr to quarterback Tom Brady are getting tired of it.

Apparently, so is another famous person: Curtis Jackson, better known as 50 Cent.

Fifty was recently a guest of the Variety Entertainment Marketing Summit and he admits that while he personally doesn’t care if people try to “cancel” him over anything that he does, he is growing tired of what he perceives as unfair treatment for a group that rarely gets defended: heterosexual males.

“I’m an entertainer, so to entertain is, I believe, to provoke emotion… I don’t believe I can be canceled,” 50 Cent told Variety. “They gotta go to jail to get canceled, they gotta shoot a girl. You gotta do something extremely bad to be canceled, and I think it’s so unfair to the people that are canceled.”

He went on to say about cancel culture, “If you say something about someone who chooses something different, there’s organizations set up to start sending things around to get signatures and stuff. And tell me this, as a heterosexual male, who’s going to send things around to get signatures based on your failures? There’s no one. There’s no organization,” Jackson said. “Certain demographics have been conditioned because they’ve been taken advantage of in the earliest stages. Once inferior, now they’re superior because we have no organization. The biggest target is heterosexual males in general.”

Reactions to his claim about heterosexual males and cancel culture were, as one would expect, mixed.

During the interview, Jackson also commented on Kanye West’s bizarre run for the presidency.

“You see Kanye and the things that he’s doing, I wonder if Trump is not re-elected, does he go to jail for tampering with an election?” he asked. “One of the weaker points for Trump would be the Black vote. So to have Kanye come in, somebody is going to vote for him and it’s probably someone who isn’t going to vote for Trump… It just creates noise. There’s a legitimate attempt at winning the election just by being in it, and I don’t know to whose benefit it is. I know it means nothing when Trump wins again.”

Watch the full conversation below.


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