Enjoy Some Laughs At The Expense Of Others With The Best Fails And Instant Karma Moments Of 2017

by 1 year ago
best fails instant karma moments 2017


2017 is almost officially in the books, folks, so what better way to close out the year than to get a few chuckles at the failures of others? None, I say! Thankfully, (I know we already had Thanksgiving, sue me) we have important people like the fine folks over at Fail Army who compile these very things, all for our viewing entertainment.

As you will see, these numerous best fails of 2017 complement the year nicely as, much like 2016, this past year has been one gigantic shitshow.

First up, Fail Army put together a collection of one of our all time favorite things: Instant Karma. You’ve got your pranks going wrong, your basketball trick shots gone wrong, pretty much anything and everything gone wrong.

For example…


BOOM! Karma.


Tis a thing of beauty, no?

Here’s the complete compilation…

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