In Celebration Of 4/20, Our Favorite Weed-Related Stories Of 2016 (So Far)

420 Drawing

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It’s 4/20 but you already knew that. For some people, it’s a big deal and cause for celebration (and for calling out of work.) For others, it’s just another day spent getting baked AF.

To celebrate the pseudo-holiday, we collected our favorite weed-related stories of the past few months. Here’s some of the funniest, dumbest and best marijuana stories of 2016…so far.

Best Weed Stories Of 2016

Cops thought it a smart idea to burn a ton of confiscated weed near a busy shopping center. It was a bad idea.

A ranking of the best weed edibles available.

This guy turned his prosthetic leg into a bong because why not?

This pizza pipe is a box for pizza first and a pipe to smoke weed in second. Or maybe that’s the other way around.

Weed smokers have a ton of sex. Allegedly.

A state-by-state breakdown of marijuana laws and the penalties they carry. Just in case.

This donut shop made a blunt shaped donut for Snoop Dog and he didn’t know whether to eat it or smoke it.

Speaking of Snoop, listen to him narrate this book while high as fuck.

The greatest candidate for governor in any state, ever. And not just because she ripped a bowl in a campaign ad.

Just one more reason not to advertise that you smoke weed on your license plate.

The best apps to use when you’re high as hell.

Weed-infused Nutella exists in this world and weed-infused vodka to wash it down.

This guy is in a little bit of trouble for his chocolate weed balls.

This chart explains why it’s a really good idea to invest in weed these days and here’s a map that shows which states smoke the most.

Tommy Chung, act shocked, still spends A TON of money on weed.

A Girl Scout set up shop outside a dispensary to sell cookies and she’s pretty much a genius.

Seth Rogen shared some tips to make your rolled blunts even better.

You’ll probably never be as stoned as this guy so don’t even try.

Pizza Hut employees getting baked at work and just not giving a shit.

and finally…this poor kid.