50 Cent Ruthlessly Mocks Floyd Mayweather For Backing Out Of Fight With Japanese Kickboxer

50 Cent Mocks Mayweather Backing Out Fight Kickboxer

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About the only surprising thing about 50 Cent making fun of Floyd Mayweather for bizarrely announcing then backing out of a fight with Japanese kickboxing sensation Tenshin Nasukawa are the fact that Conor McGregor didn’t beat him to it.

There seems to be little in life that 50 Cent likes more than mocking those people he doesn’t like as he has always taken every opportunity to do so. We’ve seen him do it to Ja Rule, Jay-Z, and Conor McGregor, but by far, his favorite target is “Money” Mayweather.

He already weighed in on Mayweather’s announcement of his fight with Tenshin Nasukawa saying, among other things, that Floyd was only taking the fight to pay the IRS.

And now, with the very, very odd announcement that Floyd Mayweather claims he was duped by RIZIN, the organizers of the event, and the fight won’t be happening, you knew 50 Cent would have something new, and derogatory, to say about the undefeated boxing champ.

He did not disappoint.

Writing on Instagram, in a now deleted-post, 50 Cent said, “Ok cool they tricked him. Was trying to kick him in the head and sh*t. He fell for it because it’s time to get some money.”

Then he wrote, “The biggest fighter in the world don’t announce a fight with out a contract. He did a press conference … now he saying there was no deal. LOL.”

Not sure why 50 Cent deleted that. He was 100 percent right and pretty much just said what literally everyone else on the internet was saying.

Then again, maybe this was the reason for him pulling out of the fight…

And in case you missed it, Mayweather actually said that he had “never heard of [Nasukawa] until this recent trip to Japan” and yet…

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So bizarre.

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