Spencer Rattler’s New Offensive Coordinator Shares Uniquely Honest Recruiting Pitch To Former OU QB

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  • Spencer Rattler is headed to South Carolina in large part because of offensive coordinator Marcus Satterfield.
  • Satterfield recently shared how he sold Rattler on the Gamecocks and it is very different, but it worked.
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When the South Carolina football takes the field in 2022, it’s going to be Spencer Rattler and Marcus Satterfield vs. the world. The Gamecocks’ second-year offensive coordinator recently shared his recruiting pitch to the former Oklahoma quarterback and it is uniquely honest.

Rattler, who began the year as a Heisman Trophy candidate, did not live up to expectations last season. He struggled through his first five FBS games of the year and was booed by his own fans during a close win over West Virginia.

Two weeks later, after falling behind 28-3 to Texas, Rattler was benched in favor of true freshman Caleb Williams. Williams led the largest comeback in the rivalry’s history but Rattler was clearly uninterested and chose not to celebrate with his team after the game.

From that point forward, even as a slight quarterback controversy began to unfold, Rattler was the backup. His body language on the sideline was extremely telling about his future and a transfer was imminent.

He ended up showing great maturity in the role. And in the process, while Williams went on to lose two games, Rattler secured his future as a “plug-and-play” transfer starter in 2022.

Immediately after the regular season, Rattler made it official. He entered the transfer portal and was linked to quite a few schools around the country.

In the end, as the haters continued to doubt him, Rattler landed at South Carolina. He is reuniting with his former assistant head coach, Shane Beamer, in the process.

However, it was Satterfield who reportedly made the difference.

According to Rattler’s longtime private quarterback coach, Satterfield’s offense was what pushed the former five-star, No. 1 quarterback recruit to head to Columbia. It was also his pitch.

Satterfield, who took over the South Carolina offense last season, did not have a great first year. His quarterback situation was a mess, but the Gamecocks finished the regular season ranked No. 13 in the SEC in scoring offense, No. 12 in rushing offense, No. 13 in passing offense and No. 13 in total offense.

There are 14 teams in the conference.

As the conversation between Rattler and South Carolina reached its peak, Satterfield made his pitch. He spoke about what it entailed in a recent press conference and it is rather blunt.

“When we started talking, I told him, ‘Everybody in the country thinks you stink as a quarterback, and everybody in the country thinks I stink,’” Satterfield said to Rattler. “So let’s go out with the biggest chips on our shoulders that we possibly can get and let’s go attack this thing every single day. And we kind of bonded.”

Over the last few months, Gamecocks fans have not been shy about voicing their displeasure with Satterfield’s offense, with some even calling for his firing. Similarly, Oklahoma fans all-but willed Rattler to be removed from the starting quarterback role and eventually to transfer.

Now it is Satterfield and Rattler against the world at South Carolina.

In addition to bonding over their equal desire to prove the doubters wrong, Satterfield said that he sold Rattler on his pro-style system. As Rattler eyes the NFL Draft after this season, that was a big factor.

“My selling point to him — and we had a couple of NFL quarterbacks that helped us and reached out — is just the importance of playing in a system where you huddle sometimes, and you have play calls and you have to call out a cadence. It’s just preparation for the next level,” Satterfield said. “I think just the fact that we’re an NFL pro-style system, he’s gonna be able to come and get acclimated to that. And when his time comes, whether it be one year or two years, he’ll be ready to roll when it gets to that (NFL) rookie minicamp. I think that was huge. Very appealing for him.”

South Carolina will begin its season on September 3rd. Will Rattler be the difference?