Twitter Map Shows Which Team Each State Thinks LeBron James Will Play For Next Season

by 7 months ago
Twitter Map Each State Lebron Team

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Have you been following #lebronfreeagentwatchdecision3.02018? If you are any kind of sports fan, how could you not be Keeping Up With The King?

Which NBA team LeBron James is going to play for in the 2018-2019 season is all anyone (who doesn’t have #WorldCupFever) can talk about these days.

You’ve got Lakers fans putting up billboards. LeBron’s banana boat buddy Chris Paul saying James wants to play in L.A. Reports that LeBron James Jr. is very “likely” to enroll at Sierra Canyon in Los Angeles. Plus Magic Johnson’s empty threat to step down if the Lakers don’t sign a big free agent in next two summers.

Then on Tuesday, Lakers fans lost their minds thinking a tweet by Kyle Kuzma was sign James is coming to the Lakers.

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