Warriors Fans Are Mercilessly Trolling Drake With A Savage Billboard Using His Old Lyrics

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The most entertaining part of this year’s NBA Finals—aside from the actual games—is watching Drake get absolutely steamrolled on social media.

Granted, he’s done his fair share of trolling. For the first game of the series, Drake wore an autographed Dell Curry Raptors jersey and developed some real estate in the head of Draymond Green by getting in his face after Toronto took home the win. You also have to admit his Home Alone shirt aimed at KD was actually solid chirp.

Now, as the finals have ramped up, much of the heat has been directed back at Drake.

After the Raptors lost Game Two, Klay said to the artist, “You weren’t talking tonight were you? Bum ass,” and on that night, Twitter was overloaded with the sad Drake memes we all know and love. Bill Burr even chimed in, calling Drake “the worst representation of a sports fan you could possibly have.”

You also can’t forget what happened before Game Three in Oakland when the Warriors DJ played the brutal Pusha-T diss that aired out all of Drake’s dirty laundry.

Now, a couple of guys from Los Angeles erected a billboard in Drake’s hometown featuring lyrics from “The Motto” just in case he forgot about the time he expressed his love for the Bay Area back in the day.


Got ’em.

With Klay probable for Game Four, the Warriors are favored by 4.5 points and another win for Golden State promises another volley of Drake trolls. I can’t wait to see what people come up with next.