Elon Musk Is So Rich Now He Is Worth More Than Every Major Sports Franchise In America Combined

Elon Musk Wealth Could Buy Every Major Sports Franchise In America

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  • Thanks to a massive rise in valuation of Tesla this year, Elon Musk is now richer than Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates combined.
  • Musk’s personal wealth has increased by $122 billion dollars in 2021, putting him almost $100 billion higher than the next richest person.
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Elon Musk has had himself a year. Not only did his SpaceX company sign a nice deal with NASA (much to the chagrin of Jeff Bezos), Tesla has seen it’s value as a company go through the roof.

Which means, since Musk is the CEO of Tesla, he too has seen his wealth skyrocket to heights never seen before.

As of Wednesday night, Musk, at $292 billion, sits so far ahead of the next person on the Bloomberg Billionaires Index that you could combine Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates’ wealth and still not have as much wealth as the SpaceX founder.

In fact, if you combined Jeff Bezos’ wealth (second on the list) with Warren Buffett’s wealth (10th on the list), Musk would still only be $9 billion behind.

1. Elon Musk $292 Billion
2. Jeff Bezos $196 Billion
3. Bernard Arnault $164 Billion
4. Bill Gates $135 Billion
5. Larry Page $130 Billion
6. Sergey Brin $124 Billion
7. Mark Zuckerberg $117 Billion
8. Steve Ballmer $115 Billion
9. Larry Ellison $114 Billion
10. Warren Buffett $105 Billion

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According to Liam Killingstad of Front Office Sports, Musk has so much wealth now, if he wanted to he could buy every single Major League Baseball, National Basketball Association, National Football League and National Hockey League team.

Crazy, right? Well, let’s see what else Elon Musk could buy with his $292 billion.

He could, if he wanted to, buy around 1.1 million Lamborghini Huracan supercars.

Musk could also purchase around 489,000 Learjet 55s.

Or, he could just put it all into around 161.5 million ounces of gold.

That, or he could just buy up every single one of the most sought after trading cards in the world. $6.6 million for a Honus Wagner? $5.9 million for a Steph Curry card? $3.1 million for a Tom Brady card? Mere drops in the bucket for the future overlord of Mars.

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