Jackson Mahomes Flexes About ‘His’ Wealth Again On TikTok, Making Eagles Fans Of Everyone

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If you need a reason to root for the Philadelphia Eagles in Super Bowl LVII then watch Jackson Mahomes’ flexing about “his” wealth… again.

That’s right. After getting absolutely blasted earlier this week for acting like all the fancy expensive gear and accommodations he acted like the actually paid for, he is doing it again.

“Made it to Arizona!” Jackson Mahomes captioned a video showing the private jet that he flew on to Phoenix for the big game.

@jacksonmahomes Made it to Arizona! #superbowl ♬ Girls want Girls – Neon

The Mahomes family is by far the most hate-able group of people with ties to the NFL, and it’s not even close.

Last year, Jackson and Patrick’s wife Brittany Mahomes named to a list of the most hated people in the NFL in a study and they were the only two people in the top 20 that weren’t a owner, player or coach.

Patrick Mahomes’ mom Randi had been a key member of that annoying group, but she toned things down considerably this year.

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In fact, Brittany and Jackson Mahomes too had been on better behavior this year after it was reported that Patrick had asked them to chill out or not come to games after their terrible behavior in 2021.

Things were so bad that year that Pat McAfee went on record saying Patrick Mahomes needed to reign them in, calling them the “Tag Team of Insufferabilty.”

Unfortunately, after being the only one to show any modicum of class and self-awareness, Jackson Mahomes has now gotten his dad Patrick, who uncharacteristically threw shade at Joe Burrow after the AFC Championship Game, involved in his TikTok shenanigans.


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♬ Sure Thing (sped up) – Miguel

Gracie Hunt, the Chiefs’ owner’s daughter, may have nice things to say about the family, but she is definitely in the minority.

“Please Eagles win,” on TikTok viewer wrote.

“Bro is the only reason I want the eagles to win,” another agreed.

“What a DB! Patrick needs to put his a– in check! I get it… blood is blood… but man this dude is a F#%* stick!” screamed another viewer.

“It’s your time to shine,” someone else actually wrote, as if he has accomplished anything.

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