Tom Brady’s Cryptic Photo Is Being Turned Into One Of The Funniest Memes Of The NFL Season

Tom Bradys Cryptic Photo Is Being Turned Into A Meme By NFL Fans

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Thursday night, 42-year-old NFL free agent Tom Brady posted a very cryptic photo to his social media accounts which appears to show him either exiting or entering Gillette Stadium in Foxboro.

As a result, because it’s what it does, the internet was thrown into chaos trying to figure out what the photo is supposed to mean.

Not helping things is the fact that Brady shared the photo with his 7.1 million Instagram followers, plus 912K on Twitter, with no caption.

Also not helping matters is the fact that Brady has been linked to rumors that he could eventually sign with the Buccaneers, Bears, Browns, Chargers, Steelers, Cowboys, Panthers, Raiders, Colts, Titans, Cowboys, and Patriots.

Later in the evening, NFL insider Adam Schefter said that he was told the “tweet is not related to Tom Brady’s football future. Repeat, not related to his football future.”

While most reactions to the photo resulted in speculation about what it means. Some even thought it might have something to do with Kobe Bryant. (My guess is that it’s related to commercial that will air during the Super Bowl.)

There was a whole other segment of the internet that ignored the meaning part of it and did what the internet does best: turned Brady’s cryptic photo into a glorious meme.

Solid work, internet. Keep it up.

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