Heads Up, A Pack Of Asteroids Is Hurtling Towards Earth At Speeds Of Up To 27,500 MPH This Weekend

Pack Of Asteroids Is Heading Towards Earth At Speeds Of Up To 27500 MPH


Might want to find a heavily-reinforced bunker somewhere to hang out for the next few days because according to NASA’s asteroid tracking system things could get a little hairy this weekend.

For you see, there’s not one, but four asteroids on their tracker headed our way at speeds of up to 27,500 mph.

Daily Express confirms that the first space rock traveling towards Earth that we have to be concerned with, Asteroid 2010 AE30, will have a “close approach” trajectory with our planet sometime around 7 pm ET on Thursday, January 16.

The four space rocks have been classified by NASA’s tracking systems as NEOs or Near-Earth Objects. NEOs are all comets and asteroids that orbit the Sun from a distance of no more than 1.3 astronomical units.

The space rocks frequently visit Earth’s corner of space and sometimes cross paths with our home planet to disastrous effect.

Disastrous effect… that sounds bad.

Frankly, it’s surprising that we haven’t already gotten belted by one of these rocks after bouncing off all the space junk we’ve left out there littering the stratosphere. (That’s a thing that can happen, right?)

After all, the European Space Agency (ESA) currently has a list of almost 1,000 asteroids and comets on what they call their “risk list.”

As for Asteroid 2010 AE30, the one we may have to deal with first this weekend, NASA estimates it to be anywhere from 167 feet to 360.8 feet across and traveling at a speed of 27,536 mph.

Should it collide with our planet the result would probably look a little something like this.

The three other space boulders riding shotgun towards Earth with Asteroid 2010 AE30 are Asteroid 2019 YG1, Asteroid 2019 YQ3, and Asteroid 2020 AD1.

YG1 will its approach around 10:30 pm ET on the 16th at around 9,976 mph.

YQ3 will come along around 2:00 pm ET on the 17th at approximately 6,979 mph.

While AD1 is predicted to make its flyover sometime around 4:15 pm ET on Friday at 10,043 mph (2.79 miles per second).

The likelihood of any of the four asteroids actually making contact with Earth are supposedly extremely low, but as every good scout knows, always “be prepared.”

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