Aaron Rodgers’ New Packers Headshot For 2019 Is Going Viral Because, Well, You Figure It Out

Aaron Rodgers New 2019 Green Bay Packers Headshot Is Going Viral

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What is it about Aaron Rodgers that makes so many fans outside of Wisconsin so happy to pile on the guy when given the slightest chance to do so? Why is he such an easy target?

From his fractured relationship with his family to dating Olivia Munn and Danica Patrick to his piss-poor beer-chugging ability, Rodgers is like a human dart board for the haters.

Maybe it has something to do with his perceived smugness and the whining he reportedly does, which may all just because he still has a giant chip on his shoulder.

Whatever the reason, he has become a favorite target for trolls on social media and today is no different – though this time, he did kind of ask for it.

For you see, this week the Packers updated their headshots for each player for the 2019 NFL season and Rodgers decided to go with his trademark pornstache for this year’s picture.

Not even a respected NFL journalist could resist taking a shot, trolling Rodgers about both his mustache as well as his sad beer-chugging skills.

Which, of course, just opened up the floodgates for all sorts of Twitter reactions, observations, and witty jokes from NFL fans.