Colin Cowherd Is Getting Mocked For ‘Predicting’ Numerous Teams As Landing Spots For Tom Brady

Colin Cowherd Mocked For Predicting Teams That Will Sign Tom Brady

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Mocking Fox Sports radio host Colin Cowherd is almost too easy at times. Don’t get me wrong. That doesn’t make it any less enjoyable, right Kansas City?

Much like his contemporaries in sports talk, Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith, Cowherd has carved out a considerable living spewing hot takes, regardless of whether or not they are correct, or even make any sense.

In addition to Baker Mayfield and LeBron James, one of Cowherd’s favorite topics of late has been where future Hall of Famer Tom Brady will be playing in the 2020 NFL season.

Since the 2019 NFL season ended, numerous teams have been mentioned as potential suitors for the six-time Super Bowl champion including the Raiders, Buccaneers, Bears, Browns, Chargers, Cowboys, Raiders, Colts, Titans, Cowboys, 49ers, and, of course, the Patriots.

Cowherd’s take(s)?

The Colts “make a lot of sense.” (1/2/20)

This is the “perfect time” for Brady to retire. (1/7/20)

The Cowboys “would work.” (2/10/20)

The Tennessee Titans would “solve Brady’s problems.” (2/13/20)

Brady is “not set on leaving New England.” (2/20/20)

“Reliable sources” say Brady to the 49ers is “50/50.” (3/4/20)

The Chargers “have the best weapons.” (3/5/20)

What? The Bears, Bucs, and his nemesis Baker Mayfield’s Browns are no good?

Aren’t we all?

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