Gamers Honor Kobe Bryant With Parades, 24-Second Violations And More As ‘NBA 2K20’ Adds Its Own In-Game Tribute

Gamers Honor Kobe Bryant NBA 2K20 Adds In-Game Tribute

NBA 2K20

There are few words left to describe the devastation so many NBA fans, family, and friends are feeling in the aftermath of the helicopter crash that killed Kobe Bryant, his daughter Gianna and seven others.

Celebrities and athletes from all walks of life have been paying tribute to the man, with people like Jerry West, Phil Jackson, Jack Nicholson, Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Conor McGregor, Derek Jeter, Dirk Nowitzki, Dale Earnhardt, Jr., Shaquille O’Neal, Dwyane Wade, Lamar Odom, Mark Cuban, Tiger Woods, Nick Kyrgios, Trae Young, Sergio Ramos, numerous artists at the Grammys, and many more sharing their memories, condolences, and stories of inspiration.

Among the millions of NBA fans, few are as diehard as those who are devotees to the video game NBA 2K20, many of whom grew up with Kobe Bryant being one of the few constants in sports throughout his 20 year NBA career.

As such, gamers the world over have been creating their own tributes to the five-time NBA champion with their own 24-second and 8-second violations, participating in parades and other celebrations of Kobe’s life in the game’s “Neighborhood,” wearing Kobe jerseys and other apparel created in his honor, and numerous other displays of respect for a man who impacted so many.

As for the game itself, published by 2K Games, it currently offers its own in-game tribute to the fallen star as gamers log on to NBA2K20.