NASA Tracking Not One Or Two, But SEVEN Asteroids That Will Be Flying Past Earth This Week

NASA Tracking SEVEN Asteroids Flying Past Earth This Week


Normally when we bring you news about space rocks that are about to make a “close approach” to Earth it only is concerning a single asteroid.

It’s just rare for more than one asteroid to fly by at close proximity to our home planet in the same week.

This week, however, there will not be just one asteroid passing by Earth, there will be SEVEN Near Earth Objects (NEO), as they are referred to by NASA, buzzing our planet.

The first of the seven asteroids to say hello to Earth this week is an Asteroid 62 to 144 feet wide named 2020 RV2.

This Apollo class asteroid will have already zipped by at approximately 9,305 mph by the time you read this, having made its pass at 5:56 p.m. ET on Monday.

NASA Tracking SEVEN Asteroids Flying Past Earth This Week


The second asteroid, 2020 RR2, which measures between 69 and 154 feet across, will be flying by Earth at around 9,126 mph on 10:55 a.m. ET on Tuesday.

Asteroid number three, 2020 RK2, is a biggun at up to 272 feet across, will make its 14,943 mph pass by our planet at approximately 9:12 a.m. ET on Wednesday.

Then, a few hours later, Asteroid 2019 SB6, which is between 39 to 85 feet across in size, will blow by Earth at a speed of around 16,957 mph at 6:23 p.m. ET on Wednesday.

Asteroid 2020 SR6, which is estimated to be anywhere from 66 to 144 feet across, follows next with an approximately 11,766 mph fly by at 12:39 a.m. ET on Thursday.

Then, Asteroid 2020 SX3, the fastest and largest of the seven asteroids flying by Earth this week at 24,337 mph and between 131 and 289 feet across respectively, which will cross paths with Earth (hopefully) at 6:15 a.m. ET on Thursday.

NASA Tracking SEVEN Asteroids Flying Past Earth This Week


And finally, Asteroid 2020 RO1, estimated to be between 72 and 164 feet across, is the slowest of the seven space rocks at “only” 7,181 mph, and it will make its closest approach to Earth at 12:14 p.m. ET on Friday.

While still considered to be “potentially hazardous,” none of these seven asteroids is expected to make impact with Earth. Which is good because (a) if they were there is nothing we could do about it, and (b) that would be a problem…

Want to follow all seven asteroids on their journeys past our planet this week? Just click here for more information.

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