Heads Up, There Is An 1,100 Foot Wide Asteroid Heading Our Way And It’s Going To Get Very, Very Close

1100 Foot Wide Apophis Asteroid Heading Towards Earth In 2029


Mark your calendars. April 13, 2029. That’s the day a monstrous 1,100 foot wide asteroid is going to go zooming by Earth at a rather alarmingly close distance from the planet.

In fact, when asteroid 99942 Apophis (2004 MN4) buzzes our planet it will be so close that it will actually be visible to the naked eye.

If that isn’t intimidating enough for you, NASA kindly explains on their web page for the 99942 Apophis asteroid, “Also known as Apep, the Destroyer, Apophis is the Egyptian god of evil and destruction who dwelled in eternal darkness.”

So now we can add a “God of Evil and Destruction” asteroid to the “Colossal God of Chaos” asteroid that’s already out there waiting to blow us all to smithereens.

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On top of that, the 99942 Apophis asteroid, which NASA has classified as a Potential Hazardous Asteroid, is going to come so close to Earth that it might actually smash into a few of the zillion satellites we have launched into our atmosphere.

Check out this rendering of Apophis’ potential flight path from NASA.

[protected-iframe id=”84b8e49c3ac2d2622a38e98c645a7999-97886205-92827192″ info=”https://giphy.com/embed/egAFSHEKRqmhob5ScV” width=”640″ height=”362″ frameborder=”0″ class=”giphy-embed” allowfullscreen=””]

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Here’s another look at how over time the 99942 Apophis asteroid’s orbital path will eventually come to intersect with ours.

1100 Foot Wide Apophis Asteroid Heading Towards Earth In 2029


1100 Foot Wide Apophis Asteroid Heading Towards Earth In 2029


1100 Foot Wide Apophis Asteroid Heading Towards Earth In 2029


“The Apophis close approach in 2029 will be an incredible opportunity for science,” said Marina Brozović, a radar scientist at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California, who works on radar observations of near-Earth objects (NEOs). “We’ll observe the asteroid with both optical and radar telescopes. With radar observations, we might be able to see surface details that are only a few meters in size.”

“We already know that the close encounter with Earth will change Apophis’ orbit, but our models also show the close approach could change the way this asteroid spins, and it is possible that there will be some surface changes, like small avalanches,” said Davide Farnocchia, an astronomer at JPL’s Center for Near Earth Objects Studies (CNEOS).

“Apophis is a representative of about 2,000 currently known Potentially Hazardous Asteroids (PHAs),” said Paul Chodas, director of CNEOS. “By observing Apophis during its 2029 flyby, we will gain important scientific knowledge that could one day be used for planetary defense.”

On second thought, maybe you shouldn’t mark your calendars. Trust me when I say, sometimes ignorance really is bliss.

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