Guy Crashes Into Light Pole While Filming What He Thinks Is A UFO

Guy Crashes Into Light Pole When He Spots UFO In China


Last week, a video of a UFO sighting began making the rounds on the internet. Nothing out of the ordinary about that these days. It happens all the time.

This video, however, shot on October 1, 2020 in China and shared originally on TikTok, came with a little something extra.

Hard as it is to believe, a UFO being sighted and filmed wasn’t the real highlight of the video.

As prominent UFO and alien expert Scott Waring notes on his website

I messaged a tiktok user @goldninjatw [who] got over 100,000 views the video they posted today.

They said they got it from a friend who recorded it.

In the 5 second video we see a semi truck pulling a trailer and on the trailer is a huge disk with windows all around it.

The disk is very thick on its edge, but its center and thicker around its center.

You can really hear the excitement and astonishment in the mans voice as he exclaims “UFO!”

Also it looks like the driver was so distracted by the UFO that he may have driven right into a light pole in the center of the road. Sure hope he’s ok.

Absolutely alien technology in Chinese hands.

Now the real question is…what are they going to use it for and what is it capable of doing?

Listen… as much as I WANT TO BELIEVE, I think even Mr. Waring was being facetious when he stated that the object in the video below is “absolutely alien technology.”


As one commenter wrote, “That I suspect is a massive part for a tunnel boring machine. Not the cutter but likely a support housing for the cutter. But Ya, a tunnel boring machine part… not an alien space craft (grins then giggles) And yes he did hit that pole… ‘distracted driving’ will do that every time. (still grinning)”

Then again, maybe I am wrong. When more than one commenter wrote that Waring should Google image search “SAG mill” because they were sure that’s what that part on the flatbed was, he replied, “I googled and no….no windows in that like this one.”

Waring also replied to another commenter who said it wasn’t a UFO, “Its a UFO, but yeah, was funny poor guy.”

Yes, it was funny. Without a shadow of a doubt, and I am still convinces Waring was pulling our chain a little bit, but in no way does this comical video take away from the fact that…

the truth is out there


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