‘Cash Me Ousside’ Girl Danielle Bregoli Is Now Feuding With The Entire Black Community

Danielle Bregoli Called Out For Cultural Appropriation By Black Community

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Danielle Bregoli, AKA the Cash Me Ousside Girl, AKA rapper Bhad Bhabie, has certainly lived up to her own hype since her infamous appearance on the Dr. Phil show back in 2017. At least when it comes to getting into fights, both verbal and physical.

Bregoli is now a multi-millionaire at the age of just 16, thanks to personal appearances, her tourand a $900,000 endorsement deal, a multi-million dollar record contract, a million dollar songwriting deal, a $100k advance to promote a mobile game, and a Snapchat original series which had more than 10 million unique views in the 24 hours after it debuted.

And she’s done all that despite basically getting into beefs, legal and otherwise, with literally thousands of people, including Nicki Minaj fans, Walmart, Dr. Phil, Boynton Beach police, Hanes apparel, and the entire Middle East.

Bregoli also got her ass handed to her when Woah Vicky ground and pounded her in a music studio, which of course was caught on video in the most 2019 ever.

And now, Bhad Bhabie has decided to get into a beef with the entire black community after numerous people called her out for cultural appropriation with her new box braids hairstyle.

Naturally, because it’s what she does, Bregoli fired back with numerous rants filled with jibberish.

“To all the black females that are saying my hair [ain’t] meant for box Braids guess the f**k what y’all hair [ain’t] meant to be straight,” Bregoli wrote on Instagram. “But y’all glue whole wigs on to your heads and sew brazilian/Indian/ Peruvian hair which is anything like y’all real hair texture at all and I don’t say a damn thing. I completely agree that it would b out of line and cultural appropriation if I was trashing black girls for wearing braids them getting them but that’s not the situation at all so leave me tf alone or imma start getting real disrespectful.”

Danielle Bregoli Is Now Feuding With The Entire Black Community


Her critics were definitely not having it.

So, of course, Bregoli got out her shovel and dug the hole a little deeper.

“I love the way I look plus your man agrees,” added Bregoli. “We all know I look fine asf in any hairstyle I do from any culture because I’m that b*tch. I hope you bald-headed hoes stay up all night thinking about this. Me and my braids goona sleep real good tonight.”

Danielle Bregoli Is Now Feuding With The Entire Black Community


Shockingly, this too did not go over well.

Then, because she could still see out of the hole she dug for herself, Bregoli went back to the well one more time with another lengthy attempt at explaining herself. Guess she couldn’t sleep.

Danielle Bregoli Is Now Feuding With The Entire Black Community


And finally, she apologized. Just kidding.

“I want to deeply apologize to everyone who’s life’s have seriously effected [sic] by the way I wear my hair and from the bottom of my heart I wanted to tell you suck my dick,” she captioned a video of her braids. “(and yes apparently I guess I have really effected life’s I can’t figure out another reason why anyone would take time out of their day to write paragraphs and bully someone about hair) and btw who ever wanna come ‘pull em out’ like they said ya got my location I [ain’t] hiding.”


Sounds like someone is in line for another million dollar deal, don’t you think?!