Huge Fireball Spotted By Hundreds In The Skies Over Europe Sparks Concern, Amazement

Huge Fireball Spotted By Hundreds In The Skies Over Europe


Residents of the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, the United Kingdom, Luxembourg, Denmark, and France got a big surprise just before midnight local time on Saturday night when a huge fireball suddenly appeared in the sky.

Numerous people were able to capture the unique occurence on video and expressed shock at what they were witnessing, but perhaps the best footage of the fireball comes via the American Meteor Society, courtesy of a dash-cam video which shows the flash appear in skies above the German-Dutch border.

The fireball was so big it was also caught by six cameras in the AllSky7 network in Germany and recorded by at least four FRIPON (Fireball Recovery and InterPlanetary Observation Network) cameras.

“I’ve seen shooting stars this was completely different,” wrote one person in the United Kingdom who witnessed the fireball, reports the Daily Express. “Red orange in colour with a sparkly trail. It looked like it may have entered the atmosphere and exited it. It shocked me as the angle looked like it was going to strike the earth but then it disappeared. Gave me goosebumps.”

“It looked like a green rocket. Never seen such a bright fireball before,” wrote another observer on Twitter.

No worries though. NASA says there is only a one in 300,000 chance each year that a meteor or asteroid will actually make contact with Earth.

Plus, I’m sure all these fireball sightings people have been seeing lately are totally not aliens in spaceships entering our atmosphere. Right?

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