All The People Who Won Tinder With Their Game In 2015, Part Two

Tinder! The go-to way for people to get laid in 2015. Yesterday I published part one of my year-in-review recap of BroBible’s best Tinder wins in the back half of 2015. Because getting laid on Tinder is definitely a competition, here are all the thirsty souls who won at their Tinder game in the first part of the year.

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TINDER HUNGER GAMES: Girl Propositions Thirsty Dudes On Tinder To Get Pizza Delivered To Her, Succeeds

Bro Tries To Get A Girl’s Number On Tinder, Instead She Plays Phone Number Roulette With Him

This Guy Trolled The Crap Out Of This Ridiculously Religious Tinder Girl And I Hope To God He Got Laid For It

This Guy’s Tinder Profile Goes From Zero To ‘Here’s Why You Need To Have Sex With Me’ In No Time Flat

Something Tells Me This Girl’s Tinder Profile Gets Her A Lotttt Of Butt Sex

Guy’s Tinder Photo Is Him Posing Like Kate Upton And He’s Getting An INSANE Amount Of Matches

This Girl’s Tinder Bio Gives The Only Acceptable Reason Ever For Wanting A Boyfriend

You Wish Your Tinder Success Rate Was As Good As This Bro’s

This Guy’s Tinder Profile Is Wonderfully Honest Yet Douchey As Hell And Despite That He Probably Gets Laid A LOT

This Girl Has The Most Admirable Tinder Bio You’ll Ever Read, Yet Has Probably Gotten Laid 0 Times

This Guy’s Tinder Profile Forces Chicks To Question Their Entire Life, Probably Gets Laid A Ton

Guy Claims This Opening Tinder Line Has Landed Him A Near 100% Success Rate…Not Lying, I’d Reply To Him Too

This Bro’s ‘Cuddle And Watch Netflix’ Tinder Icebreaker Might Be The Smoothest Thing Ever

Guy Claims In His Tinder Profile That He Isn’t Allowed Within 200 Meters Of A Playground…He’s STILL Getting Laid

I Don’t Understand How This Guy Got Laid Off Tinder By Using A Bunch Of Econ Puns

Girl Says Same Thing When Asked ‘How’s It Going’ On Tinder Until This Guy ‘Bossed’ His Reply, Gets Date The Same Day

Boston Girl Uses Tinder To Get Someone To Shovel Out Her Car

Bros Spend Way Too Much Time Being Ben Franklin On Tinder BUT The Pick-Up Lines Are Phenomenal

This Bro’s Tinder Profile Is All About Managing Girls’ Expectations About His Package

This Tinder Pickup Line Involves Sex With Frozen Hot Dogs And Duh It Worked Because Thirsty Tinder Chicks

This Kid Claims To Have A Tinder ‘Cheat Code’ That Always Gets Girls’ Numbers And It Looks Like It Works

This Guy Is Hitting On Chicks On Tinder By Asking Them Filthy ‘Would You Rather’ Questions

This Hot Girl’s Tinder Bio Makes Her Sound Like A Bitch But It’s The Most Honest And Self-Aware Thing You’ll Ever See

Austin Bro Has Next-Level Tinder Profile, Might Be Batman

This Guy On Tinder Had The ULTIMATE Comeback When A Girl Flipped Her Shit After He Asked How Much She Weighs

Bro Gets A Girl To Text Him A Yoga Pants Butt Shot By Doing The ‘Jake From State Farm’ Commercial

This Girl’s Tinder Profile Is Brutally Honest But 100% Awesome

Girl Brags About Sleeping With Patriots’ Julian Edelman On Tinder Profile By Showing A Pic In Bed With Julian Edelman

One Of Katy Perry’s Dancing Sharks Tried To Use His Gig To Score Chicks On Tinder

Guy On Tinder Tricks A Girl On Tinder With The Old SNL ‘Jingleheimer Junction’ Gag

This Guy Spent A Week On Tinder As A Toilet Bowl, Received Hundreds Of Matches

This Bro Masterfully Pulls Girls’ Numbers From Tinder By Challenging Them To Connect Four And Tic-Tac-Toe

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