All The People Who Won Tinder With Their Game In 2015, Part One

Tinder has been around for years, but 2015 was the year of it’s great comeuppance in popular culture. When a person thinks “Hmmm… I’m thirsty AF right now and want to get laid,” Tinder is the clear winner in the hook-up app game in terms of market share. Because of that, we post about Tinder here A LOT. Like… A WHOLE LOT. We have hundreds and hundreds of posts in our content management system about Tinder from this past year alone. Clearly Tinder is always on our minds.

Tinder is the source of many amusing stories about the quest for both sexes to get laid. In honor of a new year, I took a look back through our archive at some of the best Tinder stories we’ve published this last year. Let’s be honest — You’re not doing jack shit at work this week, so take a look back through all the people who spit A++ Tinder game in 2015.

Check in tomorrow for Part Two.

This Guy’s Opening Tinder Line Is Vulgar, Aggressive, And So Far It’s Gotten Him Laid 100% Of The Time

Girl On Tinder Asks A Bro To Tell Her A Joke, Bro Delivers

Tinder Bro Pulls Epic Drunk Hail Mary To Get Laid In October, Pays Off 2 Months Later With A++ Booty Call From Girl

This Bro’s Tinder Pick-Up Line About The SATs Probably Gets Him Laid Once In A While

Do less, Brian. Wayyyyy less.

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Dude On Tinder Asks If A Girl Is A Bot And Her Response Is A++

This Girls’ Aggressive Tinder Profile Drops Nuggets Of Knowledge About Asa Akira

Two Tinder Girls Specifically Looking For DILFS Have A List Of Demands That’s Both Kinky And Literally Insane

Tinder Girl Has An INSANE Request For Her Matches, Involves Getting Revenge On A Guy Who Slept With Her Ex

Bro Joins Tinder As A Bottle Of Wine And Basic Girls ABSOLUTELY LOVE HIM

Some Tinder Profiles Are Hard To Swallow, But This Hot Chick Comes Correct

Look At The Jamungas On This Girl On Tinder Who Says She’s Not Looking To Hook Up

Patriotic Chick On Tinder Is Equal Parts Martha Washington And Jenna Jameson And I’m In Love

Bro On Tinder Throws Smooth Hail Mary As An Opener And It Only Gets Better From There…

Woman Uses Nothing But Chris Jericho Quotes In Tinder Responses And Guys Are Really Gullible

Bro Swings For The Fences With Wildly Offensive Opening Line On Tinder

Bro Comes Up With A Foolproof Strategy For Getting Laid On Tinder And Has Been Pulling 9/10’s Ever Since

This Hot Tinder MILF Says Her Husband WANTS You To Bang Her, And The Solid Set Of DD’s She’s Got Seem To Agree

Hot Kinky Tinder Girl Has Crazy Proposition For Bro Involving The Fact She’s Bisexual And A Video Camera

This Girl Tinder Messaged Guys ‘Netflix And Chill?’ To See If It’d Actually Get Her Laid, Holy Balls Are People Easy


This Tinder Girl’s ‘Life Goals’ Check List On Her Profile Makes Me Think She Might Be Nucking Futs In Bed

You’ll Never Find Find A Thirstier Tinder Profile Than This But If You Do Run, Do Not Walk, Away From Your Phone

Someone Tinder-Matched With A Carpet And It’s The Punniest Thing You Will Read Today

Tinder Girl Has The Most INSANE Proposition For Random Guy That Involves Pegging And Cheating On Her Boyfriend

Bro Comes Up With A Genius Opening Line On Tinder That’s So Simple It May Even Get YOU Laid

This Bro’s Opening Line On Tinder Was Smoother Than A 25-Year-Old Scotch

Dude Sweeps Tinder Chick Off Her Feet With His Sexual Innuendos And They’re Probably Banging As I Write This

Bro Has A Smooth Tinder Icebreaker Involving His Frequent Flyer Status, Gets Digits Immediately

Bro Picks Up A Girls On Tinder Using The Lyrics To ‘Trap Queen,’ Plans To Netflix And Chill Real HARD

This Guy And His Fiancé Allow Each Other To Bone One Person From Tinder A Month, A Chick He Banged Is Pissed

If You’re Dumb Enough To Give Out Your Number After This Tinder Pickup Line You Should Just Quit Life

Bro Makes Tinder Profile With Crappy PowerPoint Slides On Why You Should Swipe Right, Gets 70+ Matches In One Week

‘NOTHING BETTER THAN THE CRUNCH OF PUBES IN THE MORNING’ – Tinder Bro Leads With Grody Lines, Still Swims In Pussy

Bro Pretends He’s A Former NSA Agent On Tinder And Of Course Ladies Love A Spy

Guy’s Tinder Bio Says He’s Diseased, Chicks STILL Swipe Right When They See The Celebrity Who’s In His Photos

Bro Creates A Tinder Icebreaker With A 100% Success Rate Of Chicks Messaging Back

Bro Statistically Breaks Down His Opening Lines On Tinder, Found That Starting Out With THIS Had An 80% Response Rate

Tinder Bro Uses The Most Disgusting Lines Involving A ‘Puckering Anus’ And Pubic Hair, Is Obviously Drowning In Chicks

Bro Trolls Tinder With Same Life Story As Forrest Gump, Girl Is Dumb And Believes Everything

Bro’s Tinder Game Has Some Of The Most Aggressively Offensive Lines Ever Heard So He’s Definitely Swimming In Poon

Bro Starts Texting A Tinder Bot And — Holy Hell — I Think He Met The WALL·E Of Tinder Bots

There’s No Shot In Hell This Kid Got Laid From These Tinder Messages But His Trolling Is A+ So I’d Let Him Hit It

This Girl Hid A Secret Message In Her Tinder Bio And Something About It Tells Me She Likes Anal

Tinder Girl Has The Nastiest, Most Aggressively Violent Dirty Talk I’ve Ever Read And I’ve Never Been More Turned On

This Bro Pulls Phone Numbers From Tinder Girls By Using Nothing But Emojis And DAMN Is It Easier Than Being Witty

This Bro Is Totally Going To Bang This Girl On Tinder After Having An Entire Relationship With Her Via Texts

Bro On Tinder Has The Perfect Question For A Preachy Vegan Girl On Tinder</strong>

Man On Tinder Swipes A Hooker Who Isn’t Into ‘Basic Bros’ And Proceeds To Troll Her HARD

I Can’t Tell If This Girl’s ‘Taken’ Inspired Tinder Bio Is The Sexiest Bio I’ve Ever Read Or If She’s Level 100 Crazy

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