All The People Who Won Tinder With Their Game In 2015, Part One

by 3 years ago


Tinder has been around for years, but 2015 was the year of it’s great comeuppance in popular culture. When a person thinks “Hmmm… I’m thirsty AF right now and want to get laid,” Tinder is the clear winner in the hook-up app game in terms of market share. Because of that, we post about Tinder here A LOT. Like… A WHOLE LOT. We have hundreds and hundreds of posts in our content management system about Tinder from this past year alone. Clearly Tinder is always on our minds.

Tinder is the source of many amusing stories about the quest for both sexes to get laid. In honor of a new year, I took a look back through our archive at some of the best Tinder stories we’ve published this last year. Let’s be honest — You’re not doing jack shit at work this week, so take a look back through all the people who spit A++ Tinder game in 2015.

Check in tomorrow for Part Two.

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