Crescent-Shaped UFOs Caught Hovering Over Seattle Are ‘Like None I Have Ever Seen,’ Says Expert

Cloaked Crescent-Shaped UFOs Spotted Hovering Over Building In Seattle


Many of us may have taken the weekend, and then some, off work to celebrate America’s birthday, but those pesky aliens were still hard at it, observing and studying once again, how we are able to handle the pandemic that they may or may not have unleashed upon our civilzation via a “meteorite” that was sent crashing into China in 2019.

The latest example of this is a multiple UFO sighting in the skies above Seattle, Washington that took place and was captured on video by an eyewitness on July 4, 2020.

This latest video, sent to UFO and alien expert Scott Waring, was described by the eyewitness.

My wife and I had finished eating dinner in downtown Seattle, WA and were walking along 5th Avenue to get back to our parked car when we stopped to take a picture (with an iPhone 11 Pro Max) of the Rainier Square Tower, which is under construction, and when completed will be the 2nd tallest building in Seattle.

We texted the photo to our daughters on our “Family” text group, and didn’t notice anything unusual with the picture at the time.

The next morning, upon closer examination, we noticed an irregularity in the skyline, and upon enhancing the photo – it appears to be a disc shaped object (the exterior surface is not visible, it blends with the sky) with 3 visible oblong, turquoise/teal colored windows, and a 4th much smaller light in the top NE corner of the photo which appears to be displaying visible light beams.

The windows also appear to be outlined in a visible white vibration.

Of note, this building has a unique design, with non-standard window features, so perhaps the reflection of the sun is causing this anomaly, however, the color and shape of the objects’ windows and surrounding vibration, don’t seem to align with the sun reflection theory.

Waring took things a step further, writing on his website, “Guys, this is a great example of a UFO getting caught due to the digital eye seeing what the human eye cannot.

“Why didn’t the person see it on the camera screen? Easy, this is during the day and looks very bright, have you ever tried to look at the screen of your phone on a sunny day?

“It’s near impossible, you always need to walk to shade to fully see everything on the screen. Well…that’s what happened here.

“And the UFO is like none I have ever seen before. It’s crescent shaped with several other crescent sections near it. I think they will rotate slowly around each other.

“Also it’s possible the digital eye caught something the human eye couldn’t. I mean have you seen that RayBan commercial where they guy looks at a picture of a fisherman holding his hand up, but puts the glasses on and can now see the fish which was made of special colors of the spectrum the human eye normally cannot see? Its crazy cool and it explains why a person might not have seen this amazing UFO over Seattle.”

Take a look for yourself…

This wasn’t the only mysterious UFO sighting over the 4th of July weekend either.

A gentleman tweeted a video to me on July 2nd which also showed some very unusual activity in the sky over Cincinnati and asking if he too had just seen a UFO.

What do you think? Did he?

the truth is out there


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