Numerous Reports Of A Mysterious UFO Flying Then Disappearing Over Florida Has Area Residents Shook

Multiple Reports Of A UFO Hovering Over West Palm Beach


Aliens, as we have learned from past UFO sightings, like to hide their bases of operations in places like volcanoes, the moon, and underwater. That way they can keep tabs on us Earthlings from a close distance while still making it difficult for them to be discovered.

In addition to North Carolina, off the coast of Florida is one of the more popular locations for aliens to headquarter in North America.

All of which makes it not very surprising that there were multiple reports of a UFO being spotted over West Palm Beach, Florida this week.

Spotted just off the Treasure Coast, numerous area residents took to social media with accounts of what they had witnessed.

UFO and alien expert Scott Waring saw these videos and offered his take on the mysterious sighting.

“Orb look like it was traveling slowly after a few minutes and airliner seem to be headed right for it,” one eyewitness wrote. “The airliner had to make a hard bank left to avoid it just then it disappeared/ This is all verified in the video.”

Waring, after watching the video, wrote on his website

Now here is something you don’t see everyday. In Florida a man and woman were driving down West Palm Beach when they noticed a white cone in the sky with a shiny object moving around it.

The small object is a single engine plane that happened to be in the area and got curious about this huge white cone in the sky.

The white cone begins to fade and the shiny object which has wings and a light at each wingtip, seems to be investigating the white cone.

But the white cone quickly fades more and more as if it were a UFO cloaking to hide itself.

This is a common practice of UFOs that believe they are going unnoticed, but when they realize they were wrong and that someone was watching them on the ground, they cloak which looks like the object becoming transparent more and more until its totally gone.

Absolute proof UFOs can cloak…right in front of our own eyes and totally get away with it.

Absolute, people.

Another eyewitness filed this report on the Mutual UFO Network, or MUFON

I was driving down the road and I noticed an airplane in the sky, just behind the airplane I noticed a stationary disc, very brightly lit with a cloud formation around it. The disc and cloud formation appeared to be perfect, like something out of this world. The disc was stationary, although I cannot tell whether it rotated in place as I was driving but the disc did not move in a line, it then disappeared and so did the cloud shortly thereafter in the same exact location which I observed it.

Here’s a different look at the UFO by yet another eyewitness…

Speculation about the UFO ranged from it being a stray submarine-launched ballistic missile (which is exactly what they would want us to think) to an alien portal (more likely).

We all know the truth, however, because…

the truth is out there


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