The 30 Most WTF Florida News Stories Of 2015

by 3 years ago


Florida is home to amazing weather, insane water sports, fantastic food and some of the craziest fucking people on planet Earth.

Every year, we look back at the year in WTF in sunny Florida. In 2015, Florida might have outdone itself. It was such a strong year, we even did a “here’s what happened so far” post back in the beginning of the year.

Florida had it all this year — there was booby flashing, Flakka dropping, criminals eaten by alligators, dads giving cocaine to kids to get them to do their chores and penis cake related crimes.

The Sunshine State once again shined brightly in 2015. Here are the 30 most WTF Florida stories of the year.

Just when you think Florida can’t Florida any harder, it goes all Florida and gives you this chick getting arrested for driving around her local Wal-Mart on a mobilized scooter, high on Meth, helping herself to some healthy servings of some of the great food that Wal-Mart has to offer.

Police say that a 40-year-old man was trying to enter a time portal when he plowed his Dodge Challenger through a brick wall of a store in Pensacola.


This bro had just taken a hook through his finger the day before pulling in his 250-pound Goliath Grouper (Jewfish) off of Anna Maria Island, Florida.

If you’re going to hide from the cops in Florida, avoid hiding out deep in the swamps. The reason? You’ll end up getting eaten by alligators like this former Floridian.

A Tampa Bay couple had to be rescued from the back of a garbage truck after they got hammered at a casino and passed out in a dumpster. They were woken up when a garbage truck arrived to empty the dumpster. Jackpot!

This Florida woman thought her dog was barking too much so she duct taped his mouth shut. Bitch. Her, not the dog.

This guy got bit by a shark while surfing so he caught that son of a bitch and ate him.

This couple was really into freaky sex but bringing a gun into bed might have crossed the line. Especially after the woman was accidentally shot in the head. Probably during his orgasm.

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